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Upright Piano Moving Guide - Sydneypianoandpooltable

Upright Piano Moving Guide

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Moving is a long process. It involves doing a lot of paperwork, packing and transporting your belongings. This period can be very stressful. Let’s say you own an upright piano, and it needs to be moved; it can be challenging if you don’t know how to handle it the right way. Here is an upright piano moving guide.

Important things to know before moving an upright piano

Did you know that an average upright piano can weigh from 300 to 900 pounds? Pianos are quite heavy. Lifting such a heavy object can be very risky. The chances are high you can get hurt. For this reason, it is advisable to get help.

Since you’ve owned this valuable instrument for a couple of years, obviously, you’ve been taking good care of it. It can be very difficult to leave it in the hands of people that you do not trust. For that reason, since you are moving, you are wondering whether to put it in storage or to move with it.

The good news is; you can move with it but definitely not on your own. Moving an upright piano is time-consuming. Not to mention, you can easily damage your piano or the walls and floor as well as other items if you are not careful.

You must get the help of a professional moving company. This is the recommended way of carefully moving your valuable instrument. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are certified to do this job. We have years of experience in lifting and moving upright pianos, both short and long-distance.

Prepare to move the upright piano.

Before moving a piano, it is important to prepare for it carefully. The professionals that you’ve hired will advice you on the steps they will take to ensure your upright piano is safely prepared. Your upright piano should be lifted by a minimum of four people.

The professionals lifting the piano must be physically fit. Consider asking if any of them have a history of back, hip or leg injury. If there is, he should step aside and leave others to handle the heavy lifting.

Since you will be busy all over the place, consider wearing loose clothes. Tight clothes are not recommended during a moving day. They can easily tear; you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of professional movers.

For shoes, pick something with a good grip. Flat shoes are highly recommended. Remember, there will be a lot of heavy lifting, and you will be busy all over the place. Finally, get yourself a nice pair of work gloves. You want to avoid touching dust with your bare hands.

Protect the piano

The first step of protecting your upright piano is closing the lid to avoid damaging the key. If it’s lockable, then lock it. The professionals can also secure it with packing tape and use packing blankets to protect it from scratches and bumps. The next step is to clear the way for the piano to move through.

If the upright piano is being moved over the stairs, it is vital to set up ramps. The professional movers will provide one.

Move the piano

Set up the dolly a couple of inches by the piano. The professionals will surround the piano and lift it slowly onto the dolly and stabilize it. It is essential to lift the piano at the same time.






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