Top 4 Piano Maintenance Tips

A piano is a highly fragile instrument, and if exposed to unfavorable conditions, it can quickly get damaged. If you’re a piano owner who cares about the durability of your valuable tool, you may want to learn a few maintenance tips to keep your instrument in good condition. If you follow the information provided in this blog post, you’re assured of authentic services from your piano.

Apart from regular tuning and appropriate cleaning, it’s vital to note that your instrument is a fragile instrument that requires gentle handling. Let’s assume you want the object moved from point A to B; you may want to hire a reliable piano moving company such as Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services to move your valuable item.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the top 4 piano maintenance tips.

Clean properly

If you care about the state of your piano, you have to make sure that the instrument is always clean. Please note that some cleaning products aren’t suitable for cleaning your piano; if not, they could damage the inner workings of your piano. According to piano experts, the best way to clean is to use a clean damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.

On the other hand, some people prefer hiring a professional to clean the inside of the piano, including strings. Doing so is an excellent move since professionals know how to handle this delicate instrument best.

Be mindful of the climate

Did you know that your piano is comprised mainly of metal and wooden parts? Both are subjected to changes that take place due to humidity levels and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, if you reside in an region that gets very cold or warm during the year, the climate will affect your instrument.

If the humidity is high, getting a dehumidifier sounds like a good investment since you can regulate and monitor the humidity in your piano room. Additionally, if your work is demanding and you aren’t able to play your instrument for a long time, then you can opt to put it into storage where it’s protected.

Here at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, our storage units are climate-controlled and always under 24hours CCTV surveillance.

Move your instrument the right way

When it comes to moving a piano, some people prefer doing it themselves because they assume that piano movers are expensive. The truth is, you can’t move this instrument yourself since it’s bulky and heavy. You can also damage it or injure yourself while trying to move it. So the best option is to hire a piano moving company.

Most professional piano movers are affordable and experienced to do the job. As a reputable piano moving company, we’ve been in the industry for over 15 years, assisting piano lovers with both local and long-distance moves. We possess the right equipment to move your valuable item safely and soundly.

We also have well-designed trucks for transporting pianos from your old house to your new home. To put it in a nutshell, we treat your piano with utmost care and always ensure we leave you happy and satisfied with our services.

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