Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid when Moving your Piano

Top 3 mistakes to avoid when moving your piano

Your piano is one of your most treasured possession; that’s why, when you’re relocating your valuable instrument, there are things to keep in mind to ensure its safety. Failure to follow a particular method when moving your instrument might result in dealing with damages even before it gets to its final destination. Unfortunately, not all piano movers can maintain the safety standards of handling a piano.  Even if your piano might look secure, some movers might carelessly pack so many other items around it, leading to possible scratches on your piano.

The best possible way to prevent such situations from happening is to hire a reputable piano moving company.

Below are the top 3 mistakes to avoid when moving your piano

Ignoring care considerations

Unlike other musical instruments, a piano has many fragile parts despite its heavy nature. Any minor damage to the instrument can cost you a fortune for repairs or even replacement; that’s why it’s vital to take safety measures into considerations when moving your piano. You want to ensure that the professional piano movers will handle your instrument with utmost care and ensure it is safely transported to its final destination on the moving day.

Beware of movers who conduct the job in a rush; they might end up being incompetent and not performing the task to your satisfaction.

Incorrect calculations

So many piano movers will provide cost estimates based on particular criteria such as the number of items, the weight, height, and measurements of your belongings. If any of these elements tend to change or are inaccurate when the movers arrive, your final quotation may end up being higher than expected.  Here at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we focus mainly on your instrument’s weight, height, and dimensions.

Meaning that we will provide you with an accurate quote, and you won’t end up having unpleasant surprises. Additionally, providing movers with the correct details of your piano will enable them to plan for the move in advance.

Not conducting enough research

You want to avoid nasty surprises on a moving day. Luckily, many piano moving companies come well prepared for the task at hand or constantly locate the correct equipment required to perform the move efficiently. Even after providing them with all the insights to your moving project, some companies will arrive with less staff.

Others use the wrong moving equipment for the job; as a result, they end up looking unprepared. The worst thing is that some movers can even lie straight to your face and insist that they have so many years of experience only to find out that they have zero knowledge.

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we are always prepared to work effectively and competently. Our experienced and qualified professionals do an exceptional job, and your piano will arrive at its destination safe and sound. Get a moving quote today by visiting the quote section on our website and filling in your details. Then, contact us to book a moving appointment for your piano.

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