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Tips on Effective ways to Move your Pool Table -Sydneypianoandpooltable

Tips on Effective ways to Move your Pool Table

Pool Table

What comes to your mind when you think of a game room without a pool table? Well, that’s beside the point. Since pool enthusiasts love the game, they always want to take pool tables with them when they move out.

However, moving a pool table is not a walkover process. It’s a complicated and expensive process that needs a high level of expertise. In other words, for you to have everything to do it suitably, Sydney Piano & Pool Table Services provides state-of-the-art pool table moving services. Here are a few shared tips.

Think about whether you should keep it before moving

Well said, anyone who loves the game will love the pool table. How about thinking that moving it to your new home may not be the best cause of action? Before moving the pool table, think about the charge and convenience. Because pool tables are heavy and time-consuming, most pool table movers charge by either weight or time. As such, consider all your alternatives before moving your pool table.

Take it apart

If you think you can move your pool table without disassembling its parts, well, you’re opening yourself up to another unnecessary expense. Moving a pool table without separating its parts is most likely to break. Then, you’ll have to buy a new one entirely. Why tolerate such risks if you can get yourself a specialist at an affordable cost? Specialist pool table movers will take your pool table apart and take it back altogether.

Hire specialist pool table movers

Anyone who loves their pool table will not want to move it by themselves. Pool tables are remarkably heavy, making them complicated structures. When it comes to moving pool tables, there’s a lot of disassembling involved. Even if you’re pretty handy with the entire process, having professional pool table movers to handle the process is essential.

Therefore, the easiest way to move your pool table is to have a specialist do it for you. Although hiring a specialist attracts extra charges, it’s worth your spending. A third-party pool table mover will come in, put it apart, transport it, then put it in once their reach your destination point.

Follow the general steps

When moving the pool table, whether by yourself or using the specialist, you’ll have to start by removing the pockets. You can start by unscrewing, removing the bumpers and the corners, then remove the felt. All these steps are tricky, and they need extra caution while doing it. Otherwise, you risk damaging your pool table.

Reassemble the table and level

After taking the pool table safely at your new home, let specialists do the reassembling bit. Unless you’re well versed about how it came apart, you take your chances and put it back together. Do not forget to level the slates by putting up the new liners.

Moving your pool table is demanding in terms of time, resources, and cost. Pool table movers specialists are not just the only solution. However, you probably have no option but to find one if you do not have the handiest expertise in this process. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services give you the best feel when it comes to pool table moving services. We disassemble, move, and reassemble your pool table.









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