Things Not to do On Your New Pool Table

Pool table

Your long-awaited pool table is finally here. Since it has taken you a few months to save for this treasure, you need to give it a lot of attention. Your family and friends are excited to see it, and they can’t wait to play a game. Before starting to play, it’s important to note the things not to do on your new pool table.

This is essential for new pool table owners. Consider setting some ground rules to prevent damaging your pool table. You don’t want to spend extra money doing repairs.

Below are 5 things not to do on your new pool table.

Don’t let people place food and drinks on your pool table

Sometimes it can be very difficult for people to follow simple instructions. However, when it comes to protecting your new investment, you must be firm with your decision. Consider hanging a poster in the pool table room that states no food or drinks are allowed on the pool table.

This is because food and drinks can cause staining on the felt if something spills on it. If a person cannot follow the rules, then they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the pool table. You have to be strict with your new pool table to avoid incurring repair costs.

Moving the pool table yourself

It’s not advisable to move the pool table on your own because you may sustain serious injuries. Not to mention, you may also damage your pool table due to its bulky nature. A pool table can’t fit through a doorway. So before moving it, you must take it down to pieces.

Disassembling your pool table is not an easy task. It’s not possible doing it on your own. It would be best if you had a team effort for things to go smooth. Please note, if you aren’t careful, you might lose some of your bolts. For this reason, it’s advisable to get the help of professional movers who deal with specialty moving.

If you reside in Sydney, consider hiring Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services to do the job for you. Our professionals are well trained and will ensure your pool table is carefully disassembled, moved, and reassembled to its new location.

Don’t allow pets on your pool table

If you have any pets in your home, the first rule should be ‘’No Pets Allowed. Pets are adorable, but sometimes, they can be stubborn. When they are playing, they like to be all over the place. Be careful with their claws because they can cause damage to your pool table.

In case your pool table gets damaged, consider getting pool table repair services. It’s also important to tell your kids that they aren’t allowed near the pool table.

Avoid using your pool table for anything else

Due to its large surface area, sometimes it can be tempting to use your pool table for something else. However, it’s not worth the risk. If you must use your pool table for something else, ensure to protect it from damage.

Consider covering the top of your pool table with a large waterproof material, then place thick cardboard on top of that. The large waterproof material will protect not only the top but also the sides of your pool table.


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