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Professional Piano Movers Plan Before Moving

Reasons why Professional Piano Movers Plan before Moving

professional piano movers

Are you planning to move your piano across town or to another city? Perhaps you’re into the piano business and wondering how to deliver these valuable instruments to your customers. Whether you’re moving from Sydney to another town, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are ready to handle all your moving complications. In this blog post, we give you reasons why professional piano movers plan before moving.

Thorough preparation before the move

In case you’re relocating to a small town or city, piano moving needs a lot of planning. With so many customers to serve in different moving locations and situations, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services have to consider particular factors such as;

  • The size and structure of the home
  • Heavy traffic
  • Weather conditions
  • List of materials needed including piano dollies and packing supplies
  • The brand and type of piano
  • Moving date and time requested by the client

Hiring professionals to move your piano is the best option since they will incur the costs in case of any damages. Luckily, from stunning grand to antiques, we have 15 years plus in moving these expensive items. Our experience and customer delivery have enabled us earn trust from customers who are assured  that their pianos are in safe hands.

Preparation to avoid potential accidents

The process of moving a piano is not very difficult. However, certain pianos, such as upright pianos, don’t appear heavy as they look. Some homeowners underestimate the weight, and instead of hiring a professional piano mover, they carry it themselves. Doing this act is dangerous as it can cause severe damages and possible injuries such as;

  • Dropping the piano or bumping it into furniture
  • One might slip and fall while moving the piano
  • Destroying the carpet or floorings while dragging the instrument on the floor

Professional piano movers understand that such things might happen; hence prepare thoroughly to avoid any possible outcome. Although it’s unlikely that accidents could occur, simple mistakes can cost you money and put the property and people at risk. To ensure safety and customer satisfaction, planning is always needed.

The last thing you want is to see your expensive watch getting crushed beneath piano rollers. Professionals understand that the rollers are designed generally for piano tunings. The good news is professional piano movers will ensure that everything is well planned and consider the following;

  • Enough lighting
  • Cooperation with homeowners
  • Expensive furniture and personal belongings

As a professional piano moving company, we might have come up with a solution to move your expensive item around your home. That’s why we plan adequately, ensure all the necessary tools are in place, and enough manpower to ensure you have a smooth move.

If you’re undecided about the quote you’re given, it’s essential to understand that many things are put in place to ensure the safety and smooth transition of your piano. With their skills and expertise, professional piano movers will plan and ensure customers get the best experience.




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