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Professional Services Involved In Piano Moving- Sydneypianoandpooltable

Professional Services Involved In Piano Moving

Professional services involved Piano moving

Most piano moving companies mainly specialize in moving large valuable objects considering their fragility. Piano movers possess special training in handling pianos. For this reason, it’s always advisable to hire professional piano movers instead of moving companies. However, before planning to relocate, it’s important to understand the professional services involved in piano moving.

A piano is a highly valuable instrument. Whether you own a grand or a baby piano, your investment is worth taking good care of it. Most people have a special connection with their pianos. Protecting it should be a number one priority when moving. Below, we outline some of the professional services involved in piano moving.

Disassembling your piano

Pianos are fragile and bulky objects. When moving your piano, some of its parts must be disassembled. For your piano to be in good condition and secure, professionals prefer to transport it in pieces to avoid damage or breakage.

Using moving equipment

Moving a piano requires special moving equipment. As much as pianos have their own wheels, it’s not advisable to roll their weight on them, even if you are moving it across the room. Doing so may result in damage. The wheels have a special purpose to the piano, that is, to give it flexibility. In order to securely move your piano, you need special equipment.

The equipment is designed to sustain the heavyweight of the piano. Professional piano movers ensure that the piano is protected using padded blankets during the entire move.

Storage services

Some people prefer getting piano storage services, especially when they are away from their homes. Let’s assume you are traveling abroad for work or vacation and you will be away for a few weeks. Leaving your valuable instrument without anyone monitoring it can be tricky. As much as your home is secure, it’s important to take precautionary measures against thieves.

For this reason, consider getting storage services from professional piano movers. All you have to do is pay a small fee and store your valuable instrument during the entire period that you will be away from home. The beauty of getting storage services is that the facilities are secure and closely monitored 24/7. The storage services are also in good condition to accommodate your valuable investment.

Local and long-distance piano moving.

Before getting a piano moving quote, when filling in the details, it’s important to inform the piano movers if your move will be local or long-distance. This is important because you will get an accurate quote, and the professionals can plan themselves accordingly.

Whether it’s getting the moving truck serviced before the moving or getting permits to transport valuables to a different town. To have a successful move, proper planning is key.

Reassembling the piano

Once you get to your destination, the piano movers will reassemble your piano and set it to your desired place. They will also ensure that it is perfectly tuned so that you can start playing again.

Moving a piano doesn’t have to be a difficult job, especially if you get professional services. If you are planning to move your piano to the Sydney area, consider contacting Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services today.



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