This is where your search ends if you are looking for a reliable pool table removalist. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is the company you need that is reliable, and you can trust with your pool table. We have highly trained personnel that do the moving, giving the much-needed care to your table. This a company that you know can take care of your pool table even in your absence.


With multiple years of experience, we have handled all the pool tables in the market. We have also witnessed the modernization processes, which have made it easier to fit into the business today. Our staff, therefore, handle your pool table knowing all the most delicate parts.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services offer you professionals who handle every part with the required care. They are highly skilled in operating on all pool table designs and weights. There is no design the is too complicated for them.
Our experience has led us to know the customer is the most crucial aspect of this business. We make sure to care for the customer by caring for the pool table. The needs and satisfaction of the customer are the working engines of our service line.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services have been able to uphold the customer satisfaction mantra all the way. We have been able to be successful at that and made our customers happy. In that way, we have retained numerous clients and also had uncountable referrals. Building trust with the clients is a long-term goal for our company. With our effort, achieving it has not been quite hard.


Safety is the reason why you cannot pull apart your pool table on your own. It is also the reason why you hire professionals to do the job for you. You may end up ruining your pool table for no reason if you try to dismantle it by yourself. Every part of the pool table is essential for it to work as a whole unit. That is why every part is handled with care to avoid damage and loss.

The tools and equipment used in our company also ensure everything is made easier for the process. We use the appropriate tools for dismantling, packaging, as well as reassembly of the pool table. Our trucks are also in condition with the modern market to safely and quickly transport the pool table.

Why Choose Us

We are secure, fast, and reliable whenever you need us. With us, you always have the guarantee that your pool table is in safe hands. We also offer excellent services at very affordable rates to help you save money.

Getting a reliable moving company can, at times, be problematic. Trusting strangers with a delicate gadget like a pool table is also a gamble. However, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services assure you of being a trustworthy mover. We take care of your pool table in the best way we can, how you like it.