If you have been looking for a company to remove your pool, then you are in luck. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are here to be at your service.

We are a professional service company that is always available for you. We come to you as soon as you request the services. We are only one call away. Reliability is our most robust character. We ensure to be there when you need us and wherever you need us. We pick up and deliver your pool table in time where you want it to be.

Skilled Workers

Our company works with skilled professionals to take care of your needs. Like moving a piano, the process of moving a pool table can be some work. We care enough to serve you with skilled workers who know every part of your equipment. They will be able to dismantle the pool table and reassemble it perfectly for you. We use the appropriate tools to ensure no damage comes to your pool table.


Sydney piano and pool table services guarantee the safety of your pool table during transportation. We have the necessary tools and skills to transport the pool table from your house and avoid any damages. We take care of your pool table just the way it deserves. We understand the kind of attachment one can have with their pool table.

Affordable Service

We are a cheap and yet effective company. We give you the best services at a pocket-friendly price all around Bargo. We give you the best services without digging in too deep inside your pocket. This way, you get satisfied all around.

Experience and Professionalism

We have years of experience that guarantee we are good at what we do. Our skill, knowledge, and expertise in the field will make you trust us. Our team is highly trained and knows how to handle your pool table with professionalism. Nothing is at risk when you hire us to work for you.

We help you save time by doing the heavy and tedious work for you.

Dismantling a pool table is not as easy as taking out the rubbish. A pool table is also not a piece of standard furniture in the office or at home.

Our skilled workers put all your parts together to make your work easier during reassembly. All the parts of the pool table are handled safely to the place of delivery and reconstruction. Every part of the pool table is essential and vital. Damages can be costly to mend. Losing the pool table is also out of the question. Sydney piano and pool table services ascertains no damages or loss. We also take liability in the event of any damages or losses.

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Entrust us to give you the service you deserve. Let us do what we are good at as you stay in your comfort zone. We put the pressure on ourselves while we let you have the peace of mind you need. We never disappoint.