With shifting locations, removing a pool table can be complicated and requires expertise. That is why we believe in giving our best in this service. At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we offer quality services that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Our professional pool table moving service ensures that your table is handled with the necessary care.


The workers at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services can handle all types of pool tables. This is thanks to the vast experience we have acquired throughout the years of service. Commitment is an essential part of our culture. We take proper care of our customers’ needs once we take up the task.

We move tables of any size and design regardless of where the pool table is located in your house. Our tools and equipment are very efficient to help ease the inappropriate actions on the pool table. Our staff is all equipped with skills to carry out work effectively.


Sydney Piano and Pool Table will disassemble, move and reassemble your pool table. We also deal with vintage pool tables. We can help in replacing worn, torn, or faded pool cloth.

Our equipment is fitted with the latest technology to ease transportation and maintain safety.

Once we start your work, we ensure no damage to your pool table. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are licensed and insured to ensure we are responsible when doing our job. However, when damage occurs, we are always ready to restore the pool table to its original glory.


Our staff works efficiently and guarantees work is done on time with the customers’ needs. Delivery of the pool tables is done with new caution to preserve the quality of the table.

Customer preferences are also considered to ensure work is done with minimal disruption of their day-to-day activities.

Sydney’s service can align the slate with precision to the perfect level that all players demand.

Our staff will get all information needed in regards to what kind of table you have. We inquire about the new and old place’s layout to ensure that we get a reasonable time frame to get the work done.


The ultimate cost depends on several factors, and here at Sydney piano and pool table services, we offer installment payments. We have different packages that our customers can choose from. We also have hourly rates and prices per weight of the pool tables.


Sydney piano and pool table services are fast and efficient. We give upfront quotations; hence you get a good idea of the cost. With our help, you will get to enjoy your billiard table for years to come.

With us, you get to work with licensed and thoroughly professional movers. The satisfaction of our customers comes first. We ensure to take care of your pool table, keep the hardware intact, and all pieces stay together. We are the absolute choice when you need a piano removalist.