You may overlook the professional moving you need for your pool table. With online tutorials, you may think you are well skilled at dismantling the piano for moving. Taking down a piano needs more than just online tutorials. It needs overtime practice and skill. That is precisely what we have at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services. We focus on providing the necessary service to move your piano all over Ashbury.

Years of Experience

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services know how to serve because of how long we have been in the business. We have gathered all the experience to know the best services that our customers need. Our main goal has always been to find the best ways to serve our customers.

Working in this field has allowed us to be the best. Our team has had many difficulties and always comes up with an innovative approach to solve them. Creativity is vital at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services to make this company better every day.

Our team has adopted ways and equipment that are effective to make the removal job easier. The tools we use are the most effective in the market today. These tools help us to take care of your pool table without causing any damages. Handling your pool table with care is just our duty as it is yours.

To use these tools properly, we hire workers that are skilled enough. The best equipment only goes well with people who can use them properly. Moving a pool table needs dismantling. That is not a process you can learn on the internet and be a pro at. On the other hand, we have practiced it for years, and we know we are good at it.

Guaranteed Safety

The pool table has too many parts when dismantled. Every part is essential to make the pool table a complete set. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services take care of every part of your pool table. We warrant that no parts are lost during packaging, transportation, or delivery. We make sure we also put every part in its place for the pool table’s efficiency.

Transit is one of the riskiest parts of moving a pool table. You never know what is going to happen on the road. You also can’t ever be sure about the state of the road you would use. Our trucks are best suited to deal with any trouble on the road. Proper loading is also done before the truck sets off on the journey.

As an insured company, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services understand the possibility of accidental damages. We always take relevant responsibility. We will therefore take unlimited liability when your pool table is damaged in our possession.

Why Us

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are always available when you need them. Your service and satisfaction always come first to us. We’d like to retain the trust we built with our clients over the years of saving Ashbury.