Pool Table Relocation

You are moving from your current place in Sydney, and you have many things to go with. There is not enough time to pack and arrange all of them. Also, some of them are too heavy. Among them is a pool table you have been using with your friends. This is the best time to seek professional help. You need someone with experience who understands how hard it can be to deal with that heavy pool table. It is all about convenience and sparing yourself the worry and hustle of moving such an item.

Fortunately, Sydney Piano and Pool Table movers have just the right experience for the job. We are a highly trusted pool table moving service in Sydney and the rest of Australia. We will move your pool table from point A to Point B in the easiest way possible. A pool table is one of the best things to own. Perhaps you were lucky to get it cheap from the previous owner. Or you bought it new. Whatever the case, you need to be very careful if you seek to relocate locally or over a long distance. Your pool table is an expensive asset that should be protected.

We at Sydney Piano and Pool Table understand the need to have a high-quality removalist. That is why we offer specially trained pool table movers. We have several years of experience in the industry, which makes us reliable and trustworthy. No matter your pool table’s size, we have the right gear and team to move it. Don’t worry about dissembling and reassembling; our team is highly trained for such kind of service. All you have to do is get in touch with us. Our pool table relocation specialists will come to assess the job and give you and obligation-free quote.

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Why hire us?

You probably think it will be too much to hire a professional pool table relocation company. Maybe you have a few friends you think can help life the heavy piece. That is ok.

But think about the risks involved if you are not properly trained for the job. And maybe you don’t have the right equipment to pack and transport the pool table.

Understand that pool tables are heavy. They are also made from brittle material that can break anytime if not handled with care. Repairing or replacing the pool table is another cost you wouldn’t want to incur.

Why don’t you avoid all that hustle by hiring us? We already have the team and the instruments for the job. That means you can save yourself a lot of time and money. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself when there is a simple solution before you.

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We are experienced

One of the qualities of a good pool table remover is experience. You need someone who has been on the market long enough to understand what is needed.
At Sydney Piano and Pool Table, we have been doing this for quite a while now. Our experience has taught us to handle every job differently and with a personalized approach to the customer’s needs.

We have successfully relocated hundreds of pool tables locally and over a long distance. Our team is highly experienced and professional in what they do.
We only hire well-trained staff. Our no-damage guarantee requires us to have trustworthy staff. The team will come to assess the job and offer recommendations on what is needed.

Pool tables come in different types and sizes. It requires knowledge to understand this and execute successful.

Over the years, we have purchased the necessary tools and equipment to make pool table relocations more effective. Every job has been and opportunity to learn new ideas and perform beyond customer expectations.

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Need Expert? Get In Touch

Careful pool table movers

You already know heavy the pool table in your home or workplace is. Perhaps you have tried moving it from one location to another in the same room and found it quite hard. Remember how difficult it was to get into the current premises.

Also, a pool table is not something you just wake up and buy. It’s quite expensive and demanding, especially if it’s for commercial use.

You need someone who understands this to help you in the relocation process. It is very important to be extremely careful in every step.

Our expert movers at Sydney Piano and Pool Table come ready to deliver carefully planned and executed services. We start by disassembling the table and carefully packing every component. The team will then lift the heavy item together and put it on a trolley for easy moving. The next thing will be to offload, unpack and reassemble the pool table.

These are activities that require proper knowledge of the tables. No matter the size of your pool table, you can trust our team with safe and convenient relocation.

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Pool Table

Specialized Pool Table Movers

It takes trained and qualified pool table movers to lift and relocate the table. It is one of one the heaviest things in your home or workplace.

The removalist must assure complete safety without any damages. The delicate woodwork and felt on the top of your pool table should be protected. Due to its size and weight, there must be at least three specialty movers handling the pool table.

We at Sydney Piano and Pool Table place maximum emphasis on this. We always use several specially trained pool table movers for every job. They will come as a team so that you never have to lift a finger.

Our mission is to provide the most convenient moving solutions in Sydney and beyond. Hence, we hire only professional movers as part of our team.

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We are affordable

Relocating a pool table requires specialist expertise. In most cases, the table has to be dismantled for easy moving. Also, the woodwork and finish are normally heavier than most household items.

We provide three or more of our premium staff members and specialty equipment. You also get priority services like packing, loading, and offloading—all these at the most affordable rate on the market.

Call us today and get your obligation-free quote. We are more than happy to serve you.