Pool Table Disposal

Have you purchased a new pool table and you are wondering what to do with the old one? Or perhaps you need to clear up some space in your garage. Disposing of an old pool table may not be as easy as it seems. It’s not something you will just put in the dust bin and leave for the garbage truck. You cannot just throw it away like you would an old hat. However, that does not mean you cannot dispose of it. Once you understand its condition and get in touch with the right team, it should be pretty easy.

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Removals, we understand how overwhelming this can be. We have been offering removal services in Sydney for several years now. Over the years, we have seen how people struggle to get rid of pool tables. And that is why we decide to extend a helping hand.

As much as you would want to DIY and save some money, disposing of a pool table is not just easy for one person. It begins by lifting and removing the item from its current location. Then you will have to load it on the track and offload it at the next destination. Besides, it is crucial to find a good place to leave it. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law.

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Let Professionals handle it for you

Is your pool table damaged beyond repair? Consider calling a removal service and let them handle the issue.

We at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Removal are ready to offer assistance at any time. A pool table is not an item you can just send away on a curb. We have the right gear and experience to handle it well.

As a professional and experienced pool table mover in Sydney, we understand how hard it can be to dispose of this item. But we can help you anywhere in and around the city and the whole of Australia.

Do not let that huge and heavy pool table take up space in your home. Also, you don’t need to worry about the best way to dispose of the item.

Instead of calling charities and asking them if they need the pool table, let us worry about that for you. Besides, you may still have to take care of moving it to its new home.

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Need Expert? Get In Touch

Why trust us?

Professional pool table disposal

If your pool table is damaged beyond repair, it can be quite hard to get rid of it. As stated above, a pool table is not something you will just pick up and throw away. It takes planning and a lot of work to get it out.

This process involves:

  • Disassembling the pool table. A pool table is made up of several small and large components. Most of them are heavy and delicate. It’s hard to move the item without putting it apart. And that requires a high level of skills. Allow our team to take care of that, and you can relax knowing everything is in good hands.
  • Packing. We do all the hard work. Our team will come prepared to do all the heavy lifting and loading of the pool table. If the pool table is still in great shape, we would love to keep it that way for the next owner. With our experience and training, you never have to worry about this.
  • Reassembly. Once we take the pool table from your home, your worries are over. Everything else from there remains in our hands.

We only hire experienced and trained staff. That is one way we make sure every customer gets the best services.

Efficiency and safety

Disposing of a pool table requires knowledge of what to do with the item. Some pool tables are impossible to remove. And we are ready to offer the best advice on what to do with such.

And for those that can be removed, efficiency and safety are key. Our movers are experts who understand the importance of following safety measures when disposing of a pool table.

They come dressed in the right attire and with the right gear for the job. They will get the item out without damaging your floor or any other valuable items in your home.

Proper tools and equipment are required to remove pool tables. We know this, and we will make sure every step is followed with great care.

We are green

Sydney Piano and Pool Table is a company that respects mother nature. Therefore, we will not take your old pool table and just throw it anywhere.

We follow safe disposal protocol. Some parts can be recycled, while others are taken to a safe place where they cannot affect the environment.

Here are some of the ways you can use to dispose of a pool table:

Sell the old pool table

If the piece is still in good condition, find someone to buy it. The internet has made access to information much easier today. You can list the item online with platforms like e-bay where an interested buyer will reach out.

Understand that you may still have to incur transport costs to the buyer. Consider high levels of safety.

Refurbish and sell

If your pool table is in much worse condition, you would be able to sell it thus. But you can refurbish it first.

Establish if it’s worth fixing the problem. You might be able to get a profit out of it. Try rolling a cue ball in a straight line from different points to check its performance. If the ball does not travel on a straight line, it has some defects and needs fixing.

A buyer can leave with a few scratches. Refurbishing such would be fairly easier.

Donate the pool table

The pool table might seem like junk in your den, but it could be helpful somewhere else. Donate it to the local community center, for instance, and you will help a lot of people. But ask friends and family if they are interested first.

Get in touch with us for a non-binding estimate. Whatever the state of your pool table, we can help dispose it.