Have you been looking for an expert company to do your piano removal? No more worries! Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are here to get rid of all your worries. We do relocations on pianos and pool tables through long and short distances in Kensington. We give you the best service to ensure that you have a smooth move to a new office or house. Our services are highly flexible to suit your schedule. We are happy when our customers are happy.

Skilled Professionalism

Besides being heavy and costly, pianos are highly delicate. The piano consists of hundreds of pieces to it a whole item. Some pianos also require dismantling before it is taken out and transported to the new location. Disassembly is not an activity that you would do on your own without practice. You may end up doing damages that may be irreplaceable. However, our workers have been in the business for ages to know their way all around the piano.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services make sure to work with only the most skilled workers in the business. Your piano is therefore well taken care of throughout the process, even in your absence. We let you handle other things as we take care of the delicate item. The piano is such a tool that it often cannot be handled using bare hands. Unlike moving ordinary furniture, pianos need specialized tools for maximum safety. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services take advantage of the new technologies in the business. We use this equipment to make it easy to handle the piano and ensure maximum safety and speed.

Our trucks are also designed to accommodate all sizes and types of pianos. Each piano is fitted into a truck of good size that will not cause damage. The trucks are also in proper shape to ensure the piano reaches you in good time and shape. Our staff at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are also friendly and overly helpful when doing their duties.

Why Choose Us

When you hire the experts at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, you know your piano is in safe hands. Even in your absence, you know that the relocation process will be a success. While offering unbeaten service quality, we also regulate our prices to fit your budget. Our prices at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are favorable to show more care for our clients. Paying to get a good service is never a loss. The loss comes in when you choose a company that charges less and compromises the service’s quality.

Also, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is a licensed and insured company. Our activities are legal and allowed by the law. With our insurance issued at no extra cost, we guarantee you a safe and secure delivery of the piano. Make the right choice today. Call us, and we will give you a non-obligation quote at absolutely no cost.