Moving a piano requires one to make various considerations. You always have to worry about the safety of your beloved item. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are here to take away your worry. We are a piano removalist company situated in Edgecliff to take care of your piano relocation needs. We dedicate our efforts to ensuring your piano is delivered in good time and in perfect condition.

Years of Experience

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is a company that has years of experience in the removalist business. We give you the guarantee that the most skilled workers in town handle your piano. We understand that the piano is a delicate item that requires all the possible care.

Besides, we also use the best equipment to make it easy to handle, load, and offload the piano. The piano is also well taken care of and safely tied on the transit trucks. The piano is moved to the new destination without any dragging or pushing.

Our policy keeps the needs of our customers as the topmost priority. We, therefore, give personalized service to each customer depending on how they need it. We take care of the tedious part of your relocation and let you have a stress-free move.

Different pianos require different specializations and skills. Some require disassembly and reassembly during relocation. Our workers are well experienced in working on each piano regardless of its type or size.

Our system endeavors to have satisfied customers from all around. A good number of clients at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are return customers and referrals. This shows you that we dedicate a client-oriented service.

Affordable Amounts

Our prices at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are pretty favorable. We offer you exquisite services without digging too deep inside your pocket. Moreover, no price is ever too high when it comes to the perfect delivery of your piano. Making repairs on damaged pianos can be costly. You, therefore, show care by hiring people who will guarantee no damages at all.

However, we understand that accidents occur regardless of how careful we may try to be. For that matter, we have insurance, and we take liability for damages under our watch. We give you this extra certainty at absolutely no extra charge.

Why Choose Us

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we work how you want us to. Our schedule is flexible depending on what you want and where you need it. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are a fully packaged company. We have all it takes to be your automatic choice of a removalist company. Our team is experienced and dedicated to making your piano relocation an easy and fast one.

When you relocate with us, you can be sure to receive your piano in a short time. We make sure not to cause any inconveniences to our esteemed clients. Call us today, get yourself an obligation-free quote, and then sit and relax as you wait for your piano.