You are in Booker Bay, and you are wondering how your piano will safely reach a relative elsewhere. You need not worry anymore because we got you. Sydney Piano and Pool Table services are the genuine providers of transport services in Booker Bay. We help people freight their pianos and pool tables everywhere and at any time. We do our job with great honesty, professionalism, determination, and care. We have been in this industry for years, and we know the type of services that our clients need.

Therefore, we have invested fully in all areas, including acquiring modern trucks, packaging instruments, loading, and offloading equipment, among many others. Every investment that we make at Sydney Piano and Pool Services aims at making the company reliable and outstanding.

The services we offer include;


Once we receive your piano, we pack it to the proper boxes cushioned to prevent damage. We label the boxes well to avoid any confusions that might lead to mistrust. Our packaging team does their job keenly and at the right time before transportation is done. The packaging services are part of the transportation services, and thus, we do not charge them separately.

Pianos are sensitive to moisture, and thus the materials that we use cannot allow any moisture to enter unless at extreme conditions. This makes the packaging part much essential to us more than any other thing.


At times, some customers need storage services for their pianos before they are transported. Therefore, we have spacious storage facilities that are suitable for all your items. They are well-conditioned and protected from all forms of damages. They offer the best conditions for your property, and we guarantee you great safety and convenience.

The fee charged for these services is reasonable, and it won’t affect your budget at any time. Therefore, you have every reason to use our services all the time.

Loading and offloading services

It can be challenging to load heavy, delicate, and expensive pianos into your truck for transportation. However, we have all the equipment you need to load and offload; thus, no need to worry. We have enough workforce to help you deliver your product to your desired locations, provided they are well accessible.

Also, depending on the client’s request, we can help you get them to your house’s right corner. That is why we have received a lot of love from all our customers.

Transportation services

In this industry, transportation is our primary duty and responsibility. We offer the best transportation services to all our clients. While transporting your piano, safety is what we keenly consider. Our truck drivers are skilled and experienced, and you should not doubt them at all.

Also, our trucks are well serviced hence you should expect no delays caused by breakdowns at all. Our vehicles are fast enough and thus, we make timely deliveries. Also, we keep track of all our drivers, and we can monitor their movement all the time. Also, we have a dynamic customer care team who can take your complaints and suggestions. They act immediately to help resolve any issue.