Are you a resident of Bonnyrigg Heights, or are you planning to move to Bonnyrigg Heights?. Sydney Piano and Pool services deal with the relocation of pianos and pool tables in Bonnyrigg and other major towns. Their services are exceptional, and I think you need to try their services. They are convenient, fast, reliable, and affordable, and you won’t need to break your budget. Other stakeholders in this industry charge a lot of money for the same services at a low price. Also, our services are more reliable, convenient and safe than any other.

However, we need to enlighten you on what you need to consider before choosing the right service provider for your transportation needs. Some of the factors include:

Safety of your property

Every transport provider must invest in the safety of their customer’s property before doing anything else. Therefore, you should not just pick any company without making necessary considerations. The company should lay down guidelines to help customers get their devices to trust their services.

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, the safety of client’s property is our priority. All our trucks and other vehicles have fire extinguishers that are well serviced. Also, our trucks are spacious enough to carry all types of pianos and pool tables. They have all the needed equipment, including product-cushioning tools, offloading and loading devices, among many others.

Therefore, we can safely transport your instruments even inroads with potholes. Furthermore, we have vast insurance covers for all the property we transport because we cannot let our customers in pain if their products are damaged. However, we have experienced very few damage cases, and we are always keen to reduce them to zero.

Convenience and reliability

Most customers like having their pianos transported within the shortest time possible. We offer the fastest transportation services at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services because we have modern fast vehicles and trucks.

Also, once called upon by the client, we act immediately without any hesitation. We are here to make your life easier and keep your property safe. Furthermore, our staff immediately settle any issue in case of any complaint and make the client fully satisfied.


When it comes to any service that customers are looking for, their first consideration always comes to money. We all understand that this product called money is scarce, and we must budget the little that we have. However, we should not go for cheap services that might end up costing us more.

What is the need to transport your instruments with cheap transport providers and use a lot of money to repair them? Therefore, we always advise how customers use other factors in making their decisions rather than the cost. Cost can be quite misleading, and it can land you into trouble.

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we make cost decisions based on the product’s distance, size, and item’s delicacy. Other minor factors are also considered, but they do not make a significant impact.