You would need a professional to pack and move your piano. However, not everyone will handle your piano the way you would like it handled. Sydney piano and Pool table services are here to do all the hard work for you. We move your piano to your new premises with the most safety needed.


Sydney piano and Pool table services have been serving the needs of the people of Blue Haven for years. With all that time in practice, we have gathered how best to serve our esteemed customers.

At our services, we know how to handle all designs and sizes of pianos. Different pianos have different needs, and as Sydney piano and Pool table services, we know all of them. We give you customized service and provide each customer’s requirements.

We have managed to scrutinize and only incorporate skilled workers into our services. Working with experts is an advantage. You know you can trust them to give you the service you are paying for.

Working with our company guarantees that you are working with professionals who care. Ours is a company that is licensed and insured for the sake of necessity. That shows how much you can entrust with our company.


At Sydney piano and Pool table services, we believe that time is of the essence. That is why we arrive early on the day of the move. Some pianos require dismantling before you get to move them. Our workers are fast in handling the dismantling of the piano while still looking out for safety.

Besides, we see to it that your piano arrives at the destination you want in time. Our fast and efficient services do not compromise the safety of your piano. You can always count on our services.

Safety and Transportation

Our comprehensive removalist option covers both packaging and transporting pianos. We got you covered in handling all your central coast moves.

We use modern machinery that carefully lifts your piano and places them on our shipping trucks during packing and unpacking. Your piano is always secured when working with Sidney piano and Pool table services. We ensure to secure your piano to avoid damages.

Apart from modern tools, our trucks are also specially customized for this specific use. The customization is to ensure that your piano is also safe during transportation. With our technologies, we manage to make work easier for you. It is hard to achieve that when you do that by yourself.

Why You Should Choose Us

We give free non-obligation quotes to all our customers without discrimination. Our prices are affordable, and don’t dig too deep into your pocket. We offer you the best services in town without scaring you with too high quotes.

Sydney piano and Pool table services are always devoted to providing the best services to customers. Our specialty lies in the satisfaction of the people we serve. To this point, we have managed to attract more clients because we always keep our customers happy.