Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is a trusted company that has been serving for over 40 years. We have been certified and licensed by the government .Anytime you think of moving your piano then you should always consider us because we have very experienced professionals to do the job. Check other reasons why you should choose us:

Storage facilities

We have very good storage facilities for storing your furniture. Whenever you want to keep your piano for a while then you have us to do the job for you. Our security is tight which means that your precious piano will be safe with us .We can keep your piano for a short and long time depending on the period that you want us to keep it for you.

Experienced professionals

The last thing you want with your piano is damage during the transit. Do not worry because Sydney Piano and Pool Table services are here for you. We have very experienced professionals who are always at your service .Our experts are very courteous and friendly, you will be happy any time they offer you services.

A company that keeps in touch

Every time you want to move your piano you wonder if maybe it can be misplaced or lost. With us you don’t have to worry because we always keep you informed in every step we make and in all processes. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services will ensure that they keep in touch with you during transit and even after reaching the destination.

Affordable prices

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services have very friendly prices that can be good to your budget. We always charge at an hourly rate or also charge at fixed prices. You can always decide on the way you want to pay us at the time you contact us.

Reliable company

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is a very reliable company in that we cater for all sizes of move. No job is too big or small for us .We take all the work that our clients give us .So don’t stress yourself whenever you have a job because we are always at your service with our great removalist.

Regular tuning

We always deal with complex piano removals too. If the piano is too heavy then we always use a crane to lift it carefully. Apart from that a piano always needs to be tuned in a regular basis. Worry less because our experts do that work too .They also arrange piano restoration, so book your piano tuning or repair with us.

Our experts also do thorough cleaning to your home or office when moving your piano. They do that so that you are left with no trouble of cleaning when you get to your new office or home. So why don’t you book us today and tell us your move for we always keep time. Always choose us for we have very incredible expert professionals at your service.