Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are proud to offer experienced piano moving services to Avoca Beach clients. Our services operate within and outside town and are always at your disposal. We work with a talented team to make your removal much easier and safer.

Years of Experience

For us, the experience that serves you matters the most. We like to give you the kind of service that you can trust. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are perfectly capable of taking care of your needs in the most professional way.

We know the company needs to work with talented and friendly workers with our multiple years of experience. Ours are highly skilled and apt to take care of your piano even in your absence. We know just how much care and professionalism is needed to take care of your piano. Professionalism and care are exactly what we possess.

With the perfect team of experts, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services can handle different pianos’ designs and sizes. We know just how every piano needs to be taken care of. In the case of dismantling and reassembly, our team always has you covered.

It never matters where your piano is placed in your house or office. We always know how to go around all the possible difficulties.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services have also been able to form a connection with our esteemed clients. We have made a point to be reliable and trustworthy to all the customers we serve. We have always happily taken up the hard work for you and made it easier and faster.

Safety and Transportation

As your most dedicated removal company, we do extra work to ensure your piano is always in a safe position. This ranges from dismantling, packaging as well as the required transportation. Despite any challenging encounters, Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services always ensure the safety of your piano.

During dismantling, we ensure all your piano parts are safely kept together. Losing parts costs extra for repairs or may render the piano completely useless. The safety of each part is therefore essential for the reassembly and future working of the piano.

Still, and with all the care given to your piano, we understand the possibility of there being accidents. That is why our company has an insurance policy to take care of damages under our care. All we strive to achieve is a pleased and satisfied customer.

Why Choose Us

Besides offering incredible and incomparable services, our prices are the most pocket-friendly in Avoca Beach. Our company endeavors to please our customers in all aspects.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is the obvious and immediate choice when moving your piano. We guarantee proficient, timely, and safe services always at your disposal. Our main goal is to have a legacy of continually serving our customers to the best of our ability. Take the chance today and give your piano the right moving that you desire.