It would be a grave mistake to trust furniture removalists with your piano. A piano is nothing like standard furniture. At Sydney piano and pool table services, we have dedicated ourselves to be the professional piano movers needed. We have a team of skilled workers that quickly know how to go about your piano moving. Our services are also always at your disposal whenever you need them.

Years of experience

Sydney piano and pool table services have been serving Alison for more than 20 years. We have accumulated the needed skills to be the best at what we do. We have dedicated our years to offering satisfying services according to your wishes.

We incorporate a high-performing and dedicated team that serves you diligently. Our staff is highly professional to give you the best service for your piano. During dismantling and reassembly, these skilled workers know how to use the perfect tools and uphold safety.

At Sydney piano and pool table services, we have been in the business long enough to witness technological advances. We have therefore used the new technologies to make the piano moving process an easy one.

We have the necessary equipment that makes the process safe and fast for your convenience. During loading and offloading, we use special equipment to ensure your piano is properly packed in the trucks. The trucks we use are specially made to enhance safety while in transit.

Our professionalism keeps us on our toes to care for your piano. We offer splendid customer services because we value the trust of those we serve.


We believe that serving you requires us also to take care of your financial needs. Sydney piano and pool table services offer to attend to you while offering pocket-friendly prices. Our always available call line will offer you a non-obligation quote for free when you enquire.

In giving fair prizes, Sydney piano and pool table services make sure that there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Timely Arrivals

Our staff at Sydney piano and pool table services are always on time when you need removal services.

The workers arrive early enough to make sure not to cause you any inconvenience.
Besides offering safe transit, we make sure we are fast and efficient. We make sure that your piano reaches its destination as soon as entirely possible.

Why You Should Choose Us

Moving a piano is another easy job. Neither is it a job you do by yourself. That is where Sydney piano and pool table services come in. We take care of that heavy task for you and make it seem effortless. Purpose to let the professionals do their job.

As experts, we know what risks your piano faces during moving. We have worked on them for years and have done it successfully. We take sufficient care of your piano and guarantee no damages.

As a licensed and insured company, Sydney piano and pool table services assume unlimited liability for damages under our watch. We care just the same way you do.