Moving your piano by yourself could cause you injuries and damages you don’t want. At Sydney piano and pool table services, we are dedicated to doing the hard part for you.

We have served the residents of Airds in efficient and professional ways for many years. We help you dismantle, pack and transport your piano to your desired destination in the shortest time possible.

Safe Transit

Our company is characterized by skilled workers who are here to ease your moving. Moving the piano can at times require disassembly of the item. Our professional removalist will take down the piano leaving it in the most accessible form for transit.

The large parts are well wrapped while the trim parts are put together to avoid disorientation.

These parts are carefully packed in our customized trucks for transportation. The trucks we use are specially made and always in proper shape to protect the piano.
Our specially constructed gadgets help to ease the activity of piano moving. Also, handling your piano with the right equipment maximizes the safety of your beloved gadgets.

Moving a Piano and Pool table

Timely Arrivals

Our services are always at your disposal when you need them. We make an effort to serve you as soon you contact us. Our skillful workers arrive to move your piano just at the right time. Sydney piano and pool table services are strict about time to avoid inconveniences to our clients.

Besides coming in early, we also make sure to get to the delivery destination in good time. Our services also include reassembling your piano once we are at the destination.

Years of Experience

Sydney piano and pool table services has always been there for you. With years of handling big and small pianos, we have made a big difference in the business. We have also managed to create a lasting relationship with our clients.

We have worked for so many years to know how to tackle different obstacles. Ranging from different house designs and piano designs, we have been able to do a great job with each situation.

Sydney piano and pool table services received plenty of return customers along with even more referrals. That is because of the dedication we have shown clients in the years in the piano moving business.

In all the years in business, our company is licensed and insured. With this assurance, you know that the company is liable even when damages occur under our watch.

Why Choose Us

When you call Sydney piano and pool table services, we immediately a free no-obligation quote. We give you the best services accompanied by the best prices in town. No price is ever too high when you know you are caring for your piano.

Paying the best service provider saves you more expenses of dealing with damages caused by unreliable movers. We are here to make a difference. Sydney piano and pool table services will offer you the best door-to-door solution for easy movements. We have the capacity that will enable you to make safe movements with your piano all over Airds.