Different from furniture removals, moving a piano always needs an expert. The expert piano removalist will always know the right thing to do during removal. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services offer door-to-door piano removal services all over Gnes Banks. We give you a team of experienced workers that will take care of your piano in the process. We ensure that our customers are always satisfied by putting their needs first.


Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services have come this far because of the dedication we put into service. We become better every day by handling new activities differently. We have evolved in the market and known how to deal with every situation or difficulty.

Moving your piano on your own is a burdensome and unnecessary job for you. You may also end up hurting yourself or damaging your piano or house. We have years of experience and make the tedious work an easy one. We also take great care of the piano and avoid any damages.

Our tools and equipment are also very efficient. These tools help us to do a clean job without any problems. They are strong enough to lift even the heaviest piano models. We also use these tools to dismantle pianos that need tearing up before moving.

Our staff is highly trained to use the equipment that the company uses. They will do the necessary service on your piano when removing and delivering. They prepare the piano to guarantee ease during loading, transportation and offloading.

Our specialty has not limited to any sizes or types of pianos. We deal with every piano that you entrust us with.

Timely Services

We all appreciate timely services. That way, we can channel our time to other essential things. Our service lines are always on standby for when you decide to reach out for moving services.

At Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we take the responsibility to save time for you. We arrive at your premises soon enough to get the job going. We do the activity in a short time and leave you to your everyday routines.

Our services allow you to enjoy your piano in the new destination. We ensure to deliver your piano to your desired destination in ample time.


Saving money is a life hack. The service at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is affordable to help you save up. Our prices are incredibly pocket-friendly while still being fabulous. Contact us today and get yourself a free no-obligation quote. At our company, we value transparency and thus have no hidden costs.

Why You Should Choose Us

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services is the absolute choice to make your piano move a smooth one. We are obligated to take extra care of your piano even in your absence. Your satisfaction comes first to us.

With satisfied customers, we ensure that the trust built over time is maintained. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services value reputable, and we would like to remain a reputable company.