Piano Disposal

Getting rid of a piano seems easy. But it’s not. Doing it on your own can prove very difficult.

Pianos are heavy, hard to load, and you cannot just throw them away. It is not something you will put in the dustbin and wait for the garbage truck to handle the rest.

So, what do you do with junk piano? How do you deal with those rugged ivory keys? Should you let them keep easing up space in your house or office?

Well, we have answers to your problems. At Sydney Piano and Pool Table, we understand how frustrating all this can be. And that is why we offer the most convenient way to deal with unwanted pianos.

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Getting rid of your piano

Give us a call, and we will make the issue disappear. We are specialized in handling piano removals using convenient and eco-friendly approaches. Our team is highly trained to handle everything with a high level of professionalism.

It does not matter the state of your piano. Let our uniformed truck team take a look at the piano onsite. They will then advise you on the best disposal options for you. That makes things easy and more flexible for you.

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here's why you shouldn't leave your piano behind

How do we remove a broken piano?

Disposing of an old piano is not like throwing dirt in a dustbin. They are large and made from brittle materials.

Hence, you need help from a professional mover. And we are that team.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Determine the extent of the damage. It could be that the piano can be fixed or donated.
  • Identify the right local junk removal service, charities, or recycling facilities. You will not manage to dispose of that piano alone. It is good to find a good disposal service.
  • Schedule a pickup. Check for the most convenient time to pick the piano. Your moving service will give you the most convenient schedule.
  • Prepare for the pickup. Once everything is in order, clear the path for the removal team. They will need a clear space to move the instrument through.
  • Moving a piano requires a team. And that is why hiring Sydney Piano and Pool Table removal service should be good.
  • We have been offering these services for several years now. That means we are highly experienced and understand your needs well.

Call us today and let us handle your junk piano.

Mister mover provides good quality packaging materials and packing boxes for moving at very reasonable prices. Right packing material will help your goods to arrive at your new destination without a scratch.

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Need Expert? Get In Touch

Why us?

Sydney Piano and Pool Table will give you a moving service that you will never forget. We have a highly experienced and committed team ready to make your day.

We come with several years of experience in the market. Our goal is to give every customer a stress-free move. You can go ahead with other things as you let us handle that unwanted piano for you.

One of our fundamental beliefs is that every customer deserves to chance at quality removal services. No matter your budget and where you are, you can always count on our team for this.

Reliability and honesty

We have realized that the moving industry has been painted negatively by some bad service providers. Sydney Piano and Pool Table seek to change this by offering reliable services.

Our guarantee to every customer is honesty is every step of the service. You will get a non-binding estimate with the best amount.

Transparency is key to our success and establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers. There are no hidden charges once we have agreed. Transparent costs make us the most reliable service.

Low-minimums and no hidden fees are one way we ensure customer satisfaction.

In terms of reliability, we will make sure to come at the right time and remove the old piano as agreed. We plan and execute every move with great care.

Our team always arrives on time, prepared, and uses the right equipment for every job. Our mastery of smooth moves makes us the ideal choice for every customer in Sydney.

Most of our customers are return and referrals. We have established long-lasting relationships with each of them.

Friendly and care

Our team is highly trained and experienced in public relations. We go beyond and above every customer’s expectation for a perfect job.

We believe in constantly improving and growing services. And that is why every job is personalized to your needs.

Our customer support system is well established. Call us with any questions or concerns about our services at any time, and we will help.

It is not just about doing the job but doing it right. Every customer deserves the best service no matter their budget.

Let’s our professional and friendly team help you move. We will not let you down because we know how hard it can get to find the right mover.


Are you moving during the weekend? Or perhaps you can only move at night.

We are flexible enough to work according to your schedule. Once you have made the order, rest assured that we will get there on time.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table understand how stressful life can be. So, if you don’t have enough time to get rid of that old piano, we will be there for you.

Easy piano pick up

Piano disposal is a highly complex process. There are some types of pianos that would be very hard to move.

Consider the environmental concerns linked to disposing of these items. One needs to understand this so they don’t get on the wrong side of the law.

Our team will come and inspect the job. They will then offer the best way to deal with the disposal if there are any concerns.

One of our core values is to be as transparent as possible. Hence, we will tell you what to do if we cannot move the current item.


Our prices are the best in the city. We provide prices according to the state of your piano and its size. We always negotiate for the best deals.

Call us today if you an old piano taking up your space at home or in the office. Get an obligation-free quote and let us help you.