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Long Distance Piano Move Checklist - Sydneypianoandpooltable

Long Distance Piano Move Checklist

Pianos are fragile instruments. Moving this expensive and valuable object can be a complex task. Before relocating long distances, it’s important to keep in mind the size and weight of your piano. Below is a long-distance piano move checklist that a piano owner may need when moving their piano from one location to another.

Have a plan

Planning is the most crucial part when it comes to moving your piano long distance. From getting moving quotations to booking a piano moving company. Doing all this requires proper planning in order to have a smooth move.

When preparing a checklist, it’s important to note down the details of your piano, such as the size and weight. Piano movers need this information. For example, an upright piano weighs between 300-500 pounds. Such little details play a huge role when it comes to getting a quotation from piano movers.

Hire piano movers, not household movers

One of the mistakes that most people make is to hire household movers instead of piano movers. It’s important to note that moving a piano requires specialty. Professional piano movers are experienced and equipped with the skills of handling this valuable instrument.

Piano movers will use all the necessary materials to secure and seal your piano. They will ensure that it is safely transported to your new location. Upon reaching your destination, they will unpack and install it to your preferred location in the house.

Professional piano movers understand pianos. Piano owners normally know how to play and take care of it when it comes to tuning, cleaning, and room humidity. However, you can’t move the piano by yourself. The chances of damaging and hurting yourself are very high. When it comes to lifting and rolling the piano, its weight plays a huge role. This is why you should leave the work to the professionals.

Read online reviews

Before hiring a piano moving company, it’s advisable to read their reviews. You do not want to hire a company that you haven’t done a proper background check. Reading online reviews is the best way to know what people are saying about the company.

This is a great way of finding out if a company is qualified or not. Remember long distance move is not a walk in the park. You need to hire a reputable company that can take care of your valuable instrument.

You can also consider getting recommendations from family and friends. They might be in a position of knowing a good piano moving company.

Before hiring piano movers ensure you get multiple quotes. It’s advisable to get quotes from at least three different companies. You will be able to compare and see what quote sticks to your budget.

Insurance also play a huge role when it comes to moving long distance. It’s important to inquire from piano movers if they offer insurance services before hiring one. Accidents do happen when moving. You want to ensure that you are fully compensated if your piano gets damaged. If a company doesn’t offer insurance services, don’t hire them.


Long distance piano move can be hectic. However, if you hire professional piano movers like Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, you are guaranteed the safety of your piano during the moving process.



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