How to Style your Piano

how to create a piano room in your home

Having a spacious home is every person’s dream; if you happen to have a big house, you might be spoilt for choosing where to place your piano. If you’ve taken a close look around your home, you may have thoughts of where to put and how to style your piano. Owning such a luxurious instrument is a precious thing, and you might want it to be the center of attraction in your home.

Perhaps, you can give it a setting where you can have small family gatherings or entertain your guests. If you apply some creativity, it’s possible to get your valuable instrument looking good as it sounds in your living area. Below, we give you tips on how to style your piano in your home.

Find the right location for your piano

Finding the right location for your piano is key; for example, your piano can serve as a focal point if it’s placed at the center of a room. Having it in that position will make it stand out, enabling people to enjoy the live performance even when standing. If you want a quieter tune, consider placing your piano in a corner next to the staircase. It’s essential to take the time to decide where your piano might sound the best first before moving it, then try with the sound through a few tests.

Have a theme in mind

Everybody has their design taste, and people see their space differently. Before knowing where to place your piano, consider coming up with a theme that will match your piano. Whether it’s dark brown to match with the piano’s hardwood or black to go with its outer case, the decision lies entirely up to you. If you want to keep it simple and create a classy vibe, or you want your piano to match with your carpet or curtains, you can find a few inspirations from Pinterest.

Hire a professional piano moving company to help you with the setup

If you’re moving from one state to another, you might encounter different preferred tastes of music.  Ensure to decorate your piano area and set it for the mood for tunes you’re planning to play. You can also opt for a classy balcony location or an attractive hallway.

At this point, you’ve learned how to style your piano; however, when moving it to a specific location, you need to get professional piano movers to do the job for you, whether you’re moving it to different rooms or another house. You also need to call in a piano technician to do regular tuning to ensure that your piano sounds perfect.

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