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How to Solve Common Piano Problems - sydneypianoandpooltable

How to Solve Common Piano Problems

Most people assume that since a lot of pianos are huge, they can rarely get damaged. This isn’t completely true. Even though pianos were built strong to last, the truth is that several internal parts are disposed to various external conditions. Sometimes, you might end up replacing the entire instrument.

When that time comes, it’s good to be aware that reliable Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services can deliver a new piano to your doorstep faster than you expected. Despite transportation, there are different ways to keep your piano and ensure it lasts for years. Read on to find out.

Sticking Keys

The moment you notice the keys of your piano stick, that might be a sign of a bigger problem. With time, the oils from fingers might find their way into the inner workings of your valuable instrument, making it difficult to play. Although some discoloration and chipping might be normal, there could also be an issue with keypads.

At times, your piano might have reached the end of its life span, and it’s time for an upgrade. Remember that Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services in Sydney ship pianos both locally and long-distance.

Unclear sound

One of the major complaints about pianos is that they sometimes sound unclear. The challenge is generally tuning. For your instrument to remain in the best condition, it requires regular maintenance.

Ensure you hire a qualified technician who can easily tune your instrument and solve your pianos sound problem. Keep in mind that here at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we can transport a high-quality instrument in a secured vehicle anywhere across Sydney. If you’re thinking of moving your piano, you’ll be amazed at our efficient and affordable services.

Old Strings

The strings of your musical instrument are twisted with a long-lasting metal that can last for years. On the other hand, since your piano is highly affected by temperature and humidity, there might be times when the strings will break and will need replacement. This is normal and can be fixed easily with early detection.

The technician will inspect the instrument and identify if there are any signs of tear and wear. If you’ve always desired a piano in your home but are worried about piano movers’ prices, then you need to find a reputable company with a proven track record of good performance. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve served countless customers.


These are just a few challenges that you might experience during your time as a piano owner. Some other issues might include; insect damage, buzzing sounds, and cosmetic issues. Then there is a time when you’ll want to buy a new piano, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need transportation services.

Over the years, we have transported this valuable instrument within the Sydney area. Happy and satisfied customers trust us. So if you’re planning for an upcoming piano move, then contact us today.

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