How to Move and Store your Piano the Best Way

Your piano is likely one of the most expensive items in your home. It’s one of your most significant investments. For that reason, protecting this valuable instrument should be your topmost priority. However, the challenge is, it can be difficult to figure out how to move and store your piano the way.

All that stress can be solved with just a few tips and also help from reliable piano movers. Professional piano movers understand pianos and know how to take care of them safely. In this blog post, we’ve prepared some of the best tips to help you know how to move and store your piano the best way. Read on to find out.

Organize your space

Moving and transporting a piano is an overwhelming task. Getting your valuable instrument outside without causing any injury or damage to your property takes patience and expertise. To have a smooth piano moving process, prepare the space where your piano will be moved from.

For example, ensure there are no items on or around the piano. That includes furniture, art and décor, and framed photos. When moving your piano, make sure your pets are move to a different room to avoid injury.

Suppose you’re wondering how piano movers will execute the job here at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services. In that case, we have all the essential equipment to safely and effectively do the job. When moving a piano, it’s vital to ensure that you get the instrument’s correct dimensions and the room where it will be placed. Getting measurements ensures that the piano can perfectly fit in its new location.

Have a storage place in mind

Let’s assume you’re traveling away for work, and no one else can watch over your piano for the whole period that you’ll be out of town. The good news is that a piano moving company can come through for you and help you store your piano. For example, did you know that Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services warehouses are climate-controlled and under 24hrs CCTV surveillance?

Additionally, we have trucks specifically designed to transport pianos. Our staff members are skilled in moving this expensive item to help you have peace of mind knowing that your piano is secure at all times.

Request expert assistance

When it comes to successfully transporting and storing pianos, experience is vital. For over 15 years, we’ve been trusted to move instruments for different customers. For this reason, we’ve earned a good reputation as one of the best piano moving companies in Sydney.

We are entirely insured and licensed to handle pianos. We will handle your items with complete care and pay attention to detail to ensure your piano is safely transported to your destination. Kindly go through our website and read some of the positive reviews from happy customers. Book with us today so that we can plan for your upcoming piano move. For more information, Kindly contact us.





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