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How to Move a Pool Table Without Disassembling

Pool Table

Moving a pool table has never been an easy task, even if it’s a short distance. It is essential to learn how to move a pool table to avoid damages. If you intend to move your pool table across the room, then there’s no need to pull it apart. However, the door should be wide enough to allow easy passage.

There are a number of ways to help you move your pool table.

Use furniture dollies to move the pool table.

In order to move your pool table with dollies, you need to confirm what strength they can control. It is important to have enough manpower to lift the pools on four dollies, each placed under each leg. Try and lock every dolly after placing a leg to avoid accidents.

Enough manpower means having up to five people to assist with balancing the legs on the dollies and help you adjust the balance. Once you are done fixing the dollies, unlock the dollies and move them towards the path of the place where you will be placing the pool table.

It is essential to note that when moving your pool table, always ensure that the floor of where you will be positioning it is leveled. Keep in mind if the floor is unbalanced, playing the games won’t be fun. One leg will sink deeper than others, particularly if the carpet is extra thick.

Use a pool table lift.

This is one of the easiest ways of transporting a pool table across a short distance. It is stress-free using a pool table lift since it does not require any settings to lift the table. You can rent or buy the pool table lift. Once you have the lift, slide it underneath the middle of the table in order to elevate the pool table above ground level.

While controlling the pool table, the heavy-duty wheels of the pool table lift will roll the table to your desired destination. When using the pool table lift, it is important to take notes of its strength and the weight it can lift. Be careful not to use a broken lift as this may damage your pool table. In case of any assistance, please consult a technician.

Once your pool table is successfully moved without being disassembled, it is vital to check if there’s any crack on any part of the table. The floor might be balanced, but you will not be able to enjoy the games with damaged parts. When moving your pool table, it is essential to be extra careful.

Using only manpower to lift the pool table can be very risky, and this can damage the table completely. The slate can crack, or the cushion on the table may wrap. Always keep in mind that lifting a pool table correctly is key in guaranteeing its safety.

It is always advisable to look for professional help to move your pool table without disassembling it. Moving a pool table using this method is not easy, so it’s best to leave the work to the professionals.

If you have any queries regarding moving your pool table, contact Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services today.

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