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How to Find an Affordable Pool Table Mover - sydneypianoandpooltable

How to Find an Affordable Pool Table Mover?

Pool Table

Are you planning to move your pool table? Here a Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we can help you move your valuable item safe and sound. A pool table is a weighty and bulky item; therefore, it’s vital to ensure that you get proper training and equipment to move it. If you try to move the table yourself without appropriate equipment, you might damage your expensive item or even sustain injuries.

For that reason, it’s advisable to hire professional pool table movers to do the job for you; why? Because they have several years of expertise and they know how to disassemble, move and reassemble your pool table safely.

Most pool tables are made from thick slate that’s covered with an extraordinary wool cloth. The slate panels are usually heavy and improper; moving them without a plan could lead to permanent damage. Gladly, here at Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, we offer professional pool table moving services to ensure the wellbeing of your precious pool table.

The best way to get affordable rates is to request cost estimates from moving companies through email or going physically to their offices. You can also get quote estimates online by putting your information on the cost estimate calculator.

How much does it cost to move a pool table?

The total rate usually depends on several things, such as the nature of the playing surface. Is it a 3-piece slate or one-piece slate, the model of the table, the distance from old to a new location, and whether the move involves staircases? Statistically, most pool table movers charge hourly rates if you’re moving your item locally whereas, long-distance movers will charge based on distance and weight.  A reputable mover will do its best to ensure that you get quality services.

Why should you hire an experienced pool table moving company?

  • You get a quick and free moving quotation.
  • The movers are licensed and insured.
  • Local and out-of-state moving services.
  • Access to proper equipment and tools for disassembling and assembling.
  • The professionals have experience in pool table moving.

If you ask a moving professional, they’ll tell you that pool tables are some of the most challenging items to move, and doing it alone is mission impossible. Instead of doing the dirty work, why not pay a trained and licensed mover to do the job for you?

So long as you’re relocating the pool table from one room to another or moving it to a different state, our moving professionals will ensure safe transportation. Our moving trucks are specifically designed to transport these bulky items. We will also ensure that every piece is wrapped up in a moving blanket and bubble wrap.

Whether your item is in a commercial building or residential, we will use our moving dolly to ensure every piece is successfully transported to the moving truck. Moving a pool table doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially with moving professionals at your disposal. If that time comes and you want to move your valuable object, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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