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Here’s what to do with your Unused Piano

Listening to piano music is fun and enjoyable. However, there’re those days when you’re no longer able to use the instrument. When that time comes, it is vital to explore all available options and know what to do with your unused piano.

Instead of neglecting your piano or exposing it to damage, there are better things you could do with it. You have the option of renting it, donating, selling, or even getting it moved to a different location by a reliable piano moving company. Below, we give you tips and ideas of what to do with your unused piano. Keep reading to find out.

Here’s what to do with your unused piano


The do-it-yourself (DIY) is known to transform stuff into valuable items for years. For that reason, you can also DIY your piano if  you can’t sell, donate or restore it.

People are now using old pianos as flowerpots, wall art, and storage. For those who have pianos that can’t be stored, you can also recycle them. You can use piano parts such as the keys, wood, and even metal, in other things. Remember, you’ll not only get rid of your unused piano but also make extra money while doing it.

Vintage lovers take pride in restoring pianos using as many unique parts as possible, and you’ll be surprised that once they repair the instrument, its value could appreciate. If you decide to transport your unused piano, then it’s reasonable to hire trusted piano movers such as Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services to do the job for you.

Donate or sell

Over the past few years, people discovered happiness comes from learning how to play a musical instrument, and hence, there has been a high demand for pianos.

What does this mean to someone who owns an unused piano? It means that you have an added advantage of selling your piano. You could create an advert and post online on platforms like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Alternatively, you can also plan and have an open garage sale.

On the other hand, you can also donate your instrument. Consider searching for community-based organizations dedicated and committed to raising awareness about piano music for both youth and adults. You can also contribute to local schools and vocational training colleges; they can pick it up, or you can use a piano moving company to deliver it to them.


Whether you want to sell or donate your unused instrument, at some point, you might need to transport it. Over the past 15 years, we’ve been among the top-rated piano movers in the Sydney area. If you hire us, you’re assured of your instrument’s safety because our moving trucks are specially designed for piano moving. For more information, contact us today.






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