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Factors to Consider when Moving a Pool Table -Sydneypianoandpooltable

Factors to Consider when Moving a Pool Table

Moving a pool table

A pool table is one of the stiffest items you can move. It is heavy, wide, and delicate. Pool tables weigh a lot of pounds depending on the make. Due to its bulkiness, moving a pool table requires a set of skills and enough manpower. Most people make the mistake of asking friends and family for help to move their pool table. This might not be the best approach as it may result in damage or injury.

Here’s how to move your pool table safely.

Disassemble Everything

The first thing to do is to remove the side pockets then each rail. Flip the rails over to disassemble. Once you are done with that, carefully remove the staples from the felt. Once the felt is removed, your pool table is at a high risk of in-move damage. Carefully remove all the screws out of the slate with your power drill. A slate can weigh a lot of pounds; it is important to ask for help from professionals.

The final stage is to detach the frame, wrap it carefully before loading it to the moving truck. It is vital to note that any minor damage to the frame can affect how your pool table may function in the future.

Hire professional movers

When it comes to moving your pool table, it is advisable to leave the work to the professionals. They will do a quality job for you, not to mention they are experienced and skilled. A professional will inspect the frame for breaks that you would rarely notice. Hiring professionals is cost-effective since, in case of a breakage or damage, their insurance will cover the cost.

It is important to have professionals attach new felt and re-level the slate in your new home, as this is the essential part of the procedure.

Label everything

Pool tables have lots of parts. When disassembling your pool table, it is vital to collect and label every single screw, bolt, and pocket. This will be very useful when reassembling since each part will be placed in its proper location. If a single screw is misplaced, it could stop you from putting back your pool table once you arrive at your destination. Remember, these pieces are rare to find in any hardware store.


Reassembling is very complicated. However, if you have labeled each piece correctly, this process will be smooth for you. Don’t get stressed about this part, especially if you have hired professional movers. They will assist you in putting back your pool table. Once this is done, you can enjoy your games with family and friends.

Create a room

When placing a pool table, one of the main factors is the size of the room. The room has to be spacious in order for this heavy and bulky object to fit. It is important to consider the type of carpeting as it can be very challenging to level a pool table on any carpet. The table must be uniformly leveled for the game to be fun. You can opt for a non-carpeted room before placing it on your pool table.

Moving your pool table can be less stressful if you hire Sydney piano and pool table services to do the job for you. For more information, contact us on 0481041870.

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