Best Way to Move a Pool Table without Breaking your Bank

Anyone would love to have a room where to relax, unwind, and engage in fun experiences. Whoever plays a nice game of pool finds the best way to relax at home. You would love to enjoy a pool game, especially after having an exhausting day of work. Although having it is wonderful, however, moving it is stressful.

Moving a pool table from your home is a complex process in which not everything may go according to the plan. The challenges most likely come from the size and heavyweights of the table. With the right equipment and resources at your disposal, you can conveniently move your pool table without breaking your bank.

When moving to a new place with a bigger space that requires something more, moving a pool table is a definite challenge. However, it can still be done. If you have a pool table set up for the challenge, and you just can’t part with it for your move, Sydney Piano & Pool table services give you a step-by-step guide on how to move your pool table without breaking your bank.

Gathering Supplies and Labeling

Screws and labels put together a pool table. When you want to disassemble your pool table, the best way to go about it is to have a plan. Suppose you find the old manual that comes with it at the time of purchase the best. Use the manual as your guideline. One last thing you would not like to do is lose some of the pieces during this process. You can consider gathering the supplies you may need to take your pool table apart.

To make the entire process flawless, you will need to equip yourself with the following: screwdriver, power will, socket wrench, shrink-wrap, and thick blankets for protection.

Enlisting help

Apart from making your move more effortless, pool tables are incredibly bulky and heavy. It’s highly commendable that you don’t tackle this whole lot individually. For inferences, a single pool table weighs approximately 1000lbs. when you want to remove heavier pieces such as slates, consider enlisting the help of strong friends or moving experts. They will help you navigate your pool table through narrow corners.

Taking your pool table apart

Now that you have equipped yourself with the right tools and helpers, it’s time to disassemble your pool table ready to move. Start by removing the pockets, then the reils by using a a wrench to unscrew the bolts. After that, it’s time to remove the felt. This stage is delicate because in case of any instability, felts are delicate and can cause irreplaceable damages.

Protect the parts and load up

If you stayed organized during disassembling stage, it means that you placed all pieces in label bags and boxes. When loading up the table, it’s highly commendable that you protect your slates the most because they are the heaviest.

Reassemble your pool table

When you finally moves in, finds the perfect room to relax, and you have all the competitive fun around you, reassemble your pool table. However, if you not a DIY lover, then you won’t appreciate the beauty of doing it your own style. Sydney Piano & Pool table services offers you a state-of-the-art pool table services.




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