We know that piano removals from one point to another is not an easy task. Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services Company have featured on training professionals to help with the task. Our company in Balmian East has always conducted the service with so much ease .Our experts are the best provide you quality work for removal of piano. Why am I saying so?

Professional experts

Sydney piano and Pool Table Services company has experts that have undergone proper training in handling your precious piano because we know the value you have for it. We do not want any damages to happen to your piano .The professionals always ensure that condition of the roads is good; the weather should be favorable for transportation in order to offer the services.

Services offered

With our young and energetic men we always disassemble the piano so that we can carefully pack the parts very well .We do that so that there is no damage on the furniture. Packing and unpacking is what we also do. On the arrival to your destination we always ensure that we assemble all parts until we ensure that everything is at place. Loading and offloading is what we also do with help of our experts.

Piano storage

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services Company have storage facilities where we can store your piano. The storage facility is under good condition for storage so that no damage can happen. The security is good and that ensures that your piano is safe. We always store every type of pianos; we are not specific on which type to store.


Our prices are pocket friendly because we know the importance of a budget. We charge in an hourly rate also depending on the amount of work. We only ask for payment after finishing the work and to your satisfaction.


The last thing you want to happen to your piano is find it missing. With our tight security to your cargo Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services always ensure that our professionals have no criminal record history. With that your piano will be safe during transportation .We always ensure that your furniture reaches the destination under good condition.

Those are the things that we always ensure that our clients enjoy; also, we normally inform our clients on the process of transportation, we tell on the security and also when we reach your destination. If you need a piano moved for a concert or event we are here for you. Our team has technical knowledge to fix everything to its place.

Book today

Book Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services company today by telling us when, where you want your piano moved and also the time. We are always available to help you with the tasks at a very low price.

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services Company is a licensed company by the government with very friendly, honest and trusted experts who can deliver services .We are a choice when it comes to moving your piano so always choose us. Don’t worry with piano removal for Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services Company is always at your service.