There is that feeling of a second thought each and every time you want to move to a new place. Fear of transportation damage is very common but don’t worry because Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are here for you. Our businesses are conducted all over Balgahlow heights which means we are at your service whenever you want to move your piano. Why choose Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services Company?

Friendly price

Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services are an operating and trusted business that has been there for years. You don’t have to stress yourself when it comes to transportation cost. Our prices are very friendly in that we charge at an hourly rate. We always charge after completing our tasks and to your satisfaction. Packing, unpacking, disassembles, reassemble, loading, unloading and transportation are our key tasks. Any relevant transportation items are provided by use e.g. free carton boxes and so on.

Experienced and trained removals

We are the business that cares about your possessions .Pianos are very delicate pieces of furniture that needs professional handling and for that we have professional and friendly staff that handles your items with caution. Not only that but also we offer door to door services with our all size trucks.

Insurance guarantee

Breaking of you furniture is the last thing that you can expect from us. We do not misplace your furniture, all your items will arrive at your destination safely .Incase of breakage or misplacement of property happens; we always ensure that our customers have free public liability. We also offer transit and workers compensation.

Movers that keep you informed

With Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services, you don’t have to worry on transportation. We always ensure that we update our customers on the distance coverage and every step we make. In that if we reach our destination we notify our customers on the arrival and the security of the furniture. We always use our trucks depending on the size of your cargo.

Reliable and efficient

When it comes to reliability we are always reliable to offer you proper services. With our very energetic and experienced experts, they are always ready to get to work. They are not just ready but they always ensure there is no damage on the room. They do all the cleaning necessary. Finally they handle the furniture with a lot of care too.

Book today

Finding a good mover is hard but thanks to Sydney Piano and Pool T able services. Whenever you want to move always contact us through a call. Tell us your move, when you need it, where and where you are moving to. And of course when you need it done. Within a short time we will be there at your service.
We are the most trusted and reliable company that is always at your service. Whenever need arises don’t hesitate to contact us. Our services are on point with the help of our experienced staff. Always choose Sydney Piano and Pool Table Services for we are the best and trust me you will not regret.