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Sydney Pool Table Removals Services - sydneypianoandpooltable

Sydney Pool Table Removals Services

Moving any large piece of furniture is difficult, but if you’re talking about a 12-foot snooker table removal then you will need Sydney Piano and Pool Services, you will need someone who specialist in Pool and snooker tables. They can vary in weight up to a whopping 1,000kg, so hiring the right pool table movers to help you move yours is important.

Unless you’re thinking of moving a children’s or toy pool table then you will need a lot of help. Even average-sized pool tables can weigh in at 500kg so getting a strong pool table delivery team to help you move it is essential.

Before you undertake the pool table move be sure to make some preparations before the pool table removals team arrive. Our Pool table Team have years of experience This will help when the time comes to load it and get it delivered.


Be sure that the table is in good condition before the snooker table movers come (if you’re buying it online get pictures and descriptions from the seller). Noting and photographing your table before the move will help you claim insurance in the unlikely event that it is damaged during transit.


Depending on your table you may or may not have the option of taking it to pieces before transporting it. If you have a modern commercial table, the most you might hope for is taking the legs off. Pool table removal services may be able to help with this, but make sure you inform them that it is something you may need help with as it may incur some extra costs.

If you’re moving a traditional table then you might have the option of fully dismantling it before transit.

We Are professional pool table movers

When you’re looking for pool table movers it’s imperative that you employ someone who’s not only good value but is experienced as well. Moving such a large piece of furniture requires both strength and a delicate touch. We highly recommend finding snooker table movers who have dealt with jobs like yours before to ensure a seamless delivery. Depending on how much of the job you can handle yourself, you might require different levels of service:

Moving and transport:

The most likely service you will come across. The driver(s) will help you get your table components from their home to their destination; it’s down to you to take the table apart though. This is still helpful as the individual pieces are still bulky.

When your table arrives and is inside safely make sure everything’s accounted for, from balls to pockets, and check that there is no damage to any of the parts (especially the slate). If anything has suffered during transport take it up with the driver immediately.


Putting your table back together is much the same as its deconstruction. There are a lot of resources online to help you with this if you don’t want to pay someone to do it. Here are some key points to consider when putting your table back together.

– Build it on a table: Doing so will help you to see when things are aligned and is also easier than kneeling on the floor.

– Be methodical: Make sure you have all your tools and components laid out prior to construction.

– Be gentle: If using a power tool make sure the speed/torque setting is low so that you don’t split anything.-


Make sure that all elements of the table are flush or flat – billiards is all about precision and a wonky table won’t make for a good playing surface – Slate: Clean and dry the slate and make sure that there’s nothing on it, this will help avoid bumps when tacking the felt.- Legs: When you attach the legs use a spirit level on top of the table so you can adjust each limb individually to create a perfectly level table.Now your table is assembled all that’s left is to have a game!

Once your table has been safely delivered and assembled please leave feedback for the transporter you found through Sydney piano and pool table This helps other users find the best transporters for their moves.

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